It is important that we, the first African American Greek-letter organization for women, put into place practices that will ensure the continuation of our growth and protect the legacy entrusted to us. It was the vision and leadership of our beloved Founders who set the safe and expectations for leadership for all who have followed. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Leadership AKAdemy is the learning and development vehicle for all initiatives approved by the Board of Directors. The AKAdemy is the umbrella for three primary areas: Schools of Leadership Development, Conference Workshops, and Leadership Fellows, which is led by Soror Audrey Cooper-Stanton.

Chapter Workshops- Internal Leadership Training
For Alpha Kappa Alpha Women in Pittsburgh, PA



Regional Website
International Website

Great Lakes Regional Conference
April 10‐13, 2014 - Dayton, OH

Undergraduate Round-Up & Leadership Conference

Northern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania Cluster
October 12, 2013 - Cleveland, OH

Future Regional Conferences
2015 - Pittsburgh, PA
2016 - Grand Rapids, MI
2017 - Cleveland, OH
2018 - Charleston, WV

2014- Charlotte, North Carolina

Leadership Seminar
July 9-14, 2013- Montreal Canada

Future International Conferences
Boule 2016- Atlanta, Georgia
Boule 2018- Midwestern Region

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