Alpha Alpha Omega began in 1926 and was finally organized in 1927. Eight insightful young women founded this chapter they were:

Charlotte Enty Catlin
Jessie Hailstalk Roy
Kathleen Brown Douglass
Esther Summers
Edith Hawkins
Norine Webster Taylor
Eleanor Jones
Jean Hamilton Walls

These young women made high scholastic standing, sincere sisterhood, and high moral standards a prerequisite for joining. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is an international Sisterhood and every member adheres to these standards and holds our motto "Service to Mankind" dearly.

Since its chartering, Alpha Alpha Omega has continued to uphold the ideals of the Sorority through providing scholarship funds, financially supporting needy organizations, and spending goodwill throughout the community. The chapter is proud of its leadership, including several past and present members who have extended their service as National officers.

Alpha Alpha Omega is also the mentoring graduate chapter to six undergraduate chapters: Iota, Alpha Sigma,Kappa Beta, Kappa Zeta, Mu Omicron, and Rho Rho. Alpha Alpha Omega's graduate advisors help the young college students navigate their way through "Service."




Graduated from Schenley High School
Excellent pianist who accompanied to Lena Horne and Marion Anderson and worked for Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire
Member of Bethesda Presbyterian Church
Enjoyed working with arts and Crafts



Initiated in Alpha Chapter in 1918
Charter member of Xi Chapter in Washington
Regional Director in 1928
Editor-in-Chief of the Ivy Leaf from 1929-1933, during her years of service the Ivy Leaf was printed in Braddock, PA
Teacher in the Washington, DC Public School
Published stories in the Negro History Bulletin published by the Association for the Study of Negro Life History



Graduated from Emerson College of Boston, one of the largest Dramatic Art schools in this country
Traveled the south giving recitals in its bet known cities and colleges
Chaired the 1932 Founder's Day Committee
Her granddaughter, Barbara Douglass is a member of Alpha Alpha Omega
Member of Bethesda Presbyterian Church




One of the first African Americans to graduate from Carnegie Tech
Taught at Wilberforce University
Owned and operated a machine embroidery business with clients from the Kaufmanns, sports shops, bowling alleys, etc. throughout the Tri-State area
Co-Chaired the 1943 Founders' Day Committee



Graduated from the Unviersity of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Co-owner and co-partner of the Hawkins Prescription Shop
Hospital Technician at the University of Chicago, School of Medicine


Graduated from Geneva College and the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Charter member of Iota Chapter
Served as the first President of Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter
Served on the staff of the Ivy Leaf when Jessie Roy was Editor-in-Chief
Guiding light for Alpha Kappa Alpha in Pittsburgh for many years


Composed her class song at Schenley High School
Graduated from the School of Education, University of Pittsburgh, 1925
Taught school at Storer College in Dover, Delaware


First African American woman received a B.S. degree from the University of Pittsburgh, 1910
First African American woman received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Pittsburgh, 1938
Professor at Central State College in Wilberforce, Ohio


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Norine W. Taylor (1927-1929)
Jessie Hailstak Rayl (1929-1930)
Christine Jefferies (1931- 1933)
Marjorie Levy Harris (1933-1935)
Jewell Blow (1935- 1937)
Lucille Cuthbert (1938-1940)
LaRue Walker Frederick (1940-1943)
Ethel Mock Bellenger (1943-1945)
Oteria William Nicholson (1945-1946)
Mary Wade (1946-1948)
Lucille Cuthbert (1948-1949)
Juanita Derritt Alston (1949-1951)
Ruth Williams Fields (1951-1953)*
Victoria C. Hargon(1953-1958)
Mary Wade (1955-1958)
Mary Jane Page (1959)
Armater Russ (1960-1962)
Nan Currington (1963)
Merline Stewart (1964-1965)
Lee B. Nicklos (1966-1967)
Dr. Janet L. Thompson (1968)
Laura Cooper (1969)
Elise Bennett (1969)

Mildred D. Glenn (1970-1971)
Madelyn M. Hairston (1972-1973)
Nan Currington (1974-1975)
Dr. Gayle W. Griffin (1976-1978)
Mona Morphis (1979)
Dr. Alice M. Scales (1980-1981)
Dr. Delphina Briscoe (1982-1983)
Lee B. Nicklos (1984-1985)
Dr. Ogle B. Duff (1986-1987)
Lydia York (1988-1989)
Jackie Blakey (1990-1991)
Dr. Janet Johnston Haymon (1992)
Toni Kendrick (1993-1995)
Ruthie D. King (1996-1997)
Allison Lee Mann (1998-1999)
Dr. Rhonda Taliaferro (2000-2001)
Denyse Littles- Cullens (2002-2003)
Barbara McCloy (2004-2005)
Donna L. Pollard (2006-2007)
Dr. Lisa Issac (2008-2009)*
Toni Kendrick (2010- 2011)
Dr. Christina Wilds, (2012-2013)
Jackie Blakey-Tate (2014 -Present)

*The Mother-Daughter Legacy as Presidents of Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter


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